A Möbius Strip of Hate

One feels for the olds who birthed this cancer. They just wanted to placate the youngs. They had no idea they were disemboweling the same institutions they were charged with safeguarding against idiot-children.

The olds, the so-called progressive elites (so-called because they lacked any sense of noblesse oblige), were scared of being “on the wrong side of history.” They wanted the youngs — the new radicals — to like them, to follow them on social media. They wanted to hold onto their power, and they were shallow, and they were vulnerable to their own spinelessness…

Peter Savodnik

politics @VanityFair et al., ex-NY, -DC, -Moscow, “The Interloper: Lee Harvey Oswald Inside the Soviet Union” (Basic Books). Follow me on Twitter @petersavodnik

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